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Ana Delia Parejo Vidal

I am deeply committed to scientific communication and have shared my research through two TEDxUCSB talks. The first, "The Bright Side of Life," introduces my work to the general public and is available on YouTube. The second, "What's the Point of Fundamental Research," will be posted soon.

Beyond the lab, I am an outgoing and adventurous nature lover. Originally from Granada, Spain, and now residing in Santa Barbara, California, with a stint in Tokyo, Japan, I have enjoyed the rich experiences of living on three different continents. This has fueled my love for travel and connecting with diverse cultures.

My work ethic is a blend of determination, collaboration, and a genuine joy for science. As I look to the future, I aim to forge a career path that aligns with my eco-friendly values and commitment to making a positive impact through research


Physical Chemistry


 I work in the de Vries Group and I am coadviced Professors Mattanjah de Vries and Michael Gordon. My research journey has been a thrilling blend of challenges and discoveries, driven by a deep enthusiasm for science.

In the early stages of my Ph.D., I developed a technique called Tip Enhanced Laser Desorption. This project involved creatively assembling a Veeco Multimode AFM from spare parts and coupling it with a ns pulsed Nd:YAG laser minilite to analyze samples at the nanoscale, both morphologically and chemically.
In the latter part of my Ph.D., I focused on Resonance Enhanced MultiPhoton Ionization and Pump Probe techniques, mapping excited state dynamics on pigments and PNAs, providing new insights into these complex systems.
A significant highlight of my research path was being awarded the prestigious Japan Promotion of Science Postdoctoral fellowship, when still being a graduate student. This rare honor allowed me to work with Professor Masaaki Fujii at Tokyo Tech Institute. There, I studied protonated biomolecules using ESI-cold-ion trap IR laser spectroscopy coupled to a time of flight mass spectrometer.



Chemistry BS at the University of Granada, Spain


Senior year of undergraduate at UCSB doing research in de Vries Group with the fellowship "Plan Propio- UGR"
Master in Chemistry B.S. in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry, with an end of master's thesis in synthesis and magnetic characterization of MOFs.


PhD in Physical Chemistry at UCSB in the de Vries group.

Postdoctoral research during the PhD program with the JSPS fellowship at Tokyo tech institute in the group of Professor Masaaki Fujii 


Exploring the Slow Magnetic Relaxation of a Family of Photoluminescent 3D Lanthanide–Organic Frameworks Based on Dicarboxylate Ligands


Office Location: 

CHEM 4120

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