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Ana Delia Parejo Vidal

I would define myself as a nature-lover, outdoorsy, and outgoing person. Resident in Santa Barbara (CA, USA) and born in Granada (Spain), I love traveling and socializing with new people and cultures, which has allowed me to live happily on two different continents.

My work ethic is a combination of determination, engaging with others, and following my morals. I would like to to create an eco-friendly path in my career that aligns with my personality and beliefs.


Physical Chemistry


During my PhD, my principal investigator is Professor Mattanjah de Vries (UCSB). In his group, I am working in two different projects:


1) Co-adviced by Professor Mike Gordon: Development of TELD, a technique that uses atomic force microscopy (AFM) to sample material at submicron resolution for off-line analysis by REMPI or other techniques.


2) Co-adviced by Professor Vojtěch Vlček: Using stochastic TD-DFT with range-separated hybrid functionals to obtain quantitative theoretical predictions of electronic excitations for optoelectronic devices.


Chemistry BS at the University of Granada, Spain

Senior year of undergraduate at UCSB doing research in de Vries Group with the fellowship "Plan Propio- UGR"

Work in the industry as a chemist in N-Fuzed

Master in Chemistry B.S. in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry, with an end of master's thesis in synthesis and magnetic characterization of MOFs.

PhD in Physical Chemistry at UCSB


Exploring the Slow Magnetic Relaxation of a Family of Photoluminescent 3D Lanthanide–Organic Frameworks Based on Dicarboxylate Ligands


Office Location: 

CHEM 4120

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